Ride To Goa-Karnataka

Goa & Karnatakaare the two states that are completely different from each other. Karnataka with Goa motorcycle tour will show you the two sides of coin. While deep rooted Indian culture is the highlight of Karnataka tour, the trend of hard core party best describes Goa tour. The breathtaking scenic beauty of Southern India captivates the attention of numerous visitors every year.

This Motorbike Tour in India will start & finish in Goa. From tropical Goa, journey to the southern state of Karnataka to discover the incredible ruins of medieval Hampi, the rock cut caves of Badami. Karnataka is enriched with culture and heritage, fabulous temples and churches, sun kissed sand, serene sea, mesmerizing aroma of roasted coffee beans and fragrance of sandalwood.

In this bike trip to India you will be impressed with rustic ruins in Hampi which is also a UNESCO-listed heritage site. The medieval structures in Badami and Aihole uncover another interesting chapter of Indian history & explore beautiful beaches of Goa with strikingly beautiful interiors, historic churches and temples. Goa with Karnataka Motorcycle Tour is well known for Coast riding & Culture experience.

Book Motorbike Trip to Goa with Karnataka to experience the coastal riding and explore the culturally rich & World’s Heritage monuments in India.

Best Of Nepal

Royal Enfield Bike Road Trip to Mustang Valley-Himalayan Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal. It is one of the Best Motor Biking experiences and a great opportunity for advanced riders. Those searching for an ultimate adventure in the Himalayas can get the most out of this tour in Nepal. Mustang Motorbiking tours offer choices for nature lovers and exotic Adventure rides.

On this tour, we will enjoy riding with Himalayan views, rock valleys. This Adventure further let us experience different types of ethnic groups. We will also take part in their lifestyle, culture, and traditions. You will also learn about Architectural heritages and values. This culture has survived a thousand years of isolation.

Spiti-Ladakh Expedition

Every Rider in the world, dreams of conquering the Himalayas. Lush green landscapes, Snow-clad Mountains, and the rugged Himalayan terrain is something which will surely pump up your adrenaline. This tour takes us from the foothills of the Himalaya near Shimla through the remote and dramatic Spiti Valley on the Royal Enfield 500cc all the way to Leh the capital of Ladakh.

In this exciting Himalayan Motorcycle expedition you will experience adventure and thrill along with immense natural beauty of diverse landscapes and cultures of the Indian Himalayas & that is why it is one of the captivating tours that bring adventure and cultural interaction. This motorbike trip is also known as high altitude adventure with breath-taking scenery on the roof of the world as you will ride motorbike over the some high Motorable passes, the infamous Khardung- La and Chang La in this Trans Himalayan Bike Tour. Also explore remote lakes and deserts nestled amongst the towering snow covered peaks of the Mighty Himalaya & visiting some of the world’s oldest monasteries along the way we get a feeling for the Indo- Tibetan culture unchanged for centuries. Twisting through spectacular motorcycling roads in some of the most remote and challenging terrain on earth, interact with locals & nomadic herdsman for a unique experience.  No words can describe the overwhelming experience of being among the world’s greatest mountains – you really have to be here.

No doubt this is one of the most iconic motorcycle rides anywhere in the world & an opportunity for all those who love to ride on tough and testing terrain and have the passion for ride. Motorcycle Trip with Spiti Valley & Ladakh circuit attracts more tough motorcycle enthusiasts than any other Himalayan Motorcycle adventure route because it will test your limits and endurance.

An Epic Himalayan Ride

We welcome you to explore the Kashmir valley with Ladakh in northern India & experience one of the finest Motorcycle Riding Tours of the Indian subcontinent.

Kashmir is surrounded by stunning snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, flower strewn valleys dazzling the eye with all the colors of the rainbow. Pine forests fill the air with their scent, rivers teeming with plump fish and lakes, with delightful floating gardens.

Ladakh, is a fascinating region in India has an almost moonlike terrain, surrounded by some of the greatest mountain ranges of the world. It is also home to the elusive snow leopard, pure Tibetan Buddhism and the sprawling old monasteries exude an atmosphere and smell which only comes with great age, Italianesque villages which are irrigated by the glaciers above but surrounded by desert. Wandering the streets of the capital, Leh, is a delight for travelers.

Starting with flight to Srinagar we will visit the Dal Lake, Gardens & then heading on to what is generally regarded as one of the most spectacular road journeys in the whole Himalaya – via Sonamarg to Kargil to Leh and enjoy its beautiful and unforgettable scenery of mountains and lakes. In Leh we will visit the ancient palaces, forts and monasteries of the Indus Valley and also witness rural life in the old Silk Road kingdom of Ladakh.  We’ll ride Royal Enfield Motorcycle over the highest motorable pass to enter in Nubra Valley & will spend time in exploring the remote Nubra Valley & further ride to Pangong Lake & then to Hanle for Stargazing and a same day trip to World’s Highest motorable road Uming-L Pass. We finish our Epic Himalayan Ride Tour with an epic flight over the Himalayas to Delhi from Leh.

The Tiger Trail

This Motorcycle Tour of India covers the top five parks for Tiger viewing in Central India including Panna-Bandhavgarh-Kanha-Pench-Satpura of Madhya Pradesh offering the best chance to sight the elusive Tiger. Madhya Pradesh is often called the heart of India due to its central location in the country. You will be fascinated once you take a Madhya Pradesh wildlife safari tour, and see the diversity of its flora and fauna. This region holds the largest wild population of the mighty Bengal Tiger and there are many wildlife parks to discover such as Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, Satpura National Park, Panna & Pench National Park. The riverside tombs at Orchha & UNESCO World heritage erotic temples in Khajuraho also worth visit during this Wild Life Tour of India on Motorcycle.

In this motorbike tour of Madhya Pradesh, we enjoy motorcycle ride on village road & explore incredible wildlife including the elusive Bengal Tiger, wild boar, sloth bear, wild dog, monkey and many varieties of deer. The dramatic diversity of bird life is also prevalent here, from colourful peacocks and kingfishers to the mighty eagles and menacing vultures. Book your Bike Holiday to India with us & explore the Wild Life with riding Royal Enfield Motorbike on scenic trek of Madhya Pradesh.

Wonders Of South India

A region of great charm, southern India offers travellers beautiful cities, colonial hill stations, colourful temples, a relaxed lifestyle, attractive scenery and some of the best food in India. Discover the best of the South of India on this motorbike Trip through the southern Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, both with distinctive cultures and contrasting scenery. We start our Motorbike tour from Kerala which is famed for its idyllic backwaters, lush hills, epic surf and pristine beaches. Kerala has been dubbed ‘God’s own country’ and it is easy to see why. Explore the diverse city of Cochin, relaxing cruise on the stunning backwaters of Alleppey, the picturesque Munnar which is surrounded by luscious forest and rolling hills, untouched tea-plantations and forests, spot tigers in the jungle and prepare yourself for a tongue-tingling feast as southern India boasts a sensational mix of sweet curries and sea food.

Tamil Nadu is Renowned for its magnificent temples, exquisite Chola bronzes, and unique cuisine; Tamil Nadu has a distinct Dravidian culture and is one of India’s most historic states. In Tamil Nadu we discover one of India’s grandest temples, Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, experience a taste of Tamil Nadu cuisine in Chettinad, the French influence in Pondicherry and make a fascinating visit to the experimental city of Auroville & finish our South India Motorbike Tour in Chennai with discovering of it’s colonial heritage. Book the best of Southern India Motorcycle tour & explore the regions’ great cultural highlights as well as tease out some of its lesser known gems.

Book this unforgettable & mesmerizing Guided Motorcycle Tour to South India to explore the best of South India covering the two beautiful states Kerala & Tamil Nadu.

Rajasthan Essential

The colorful, exotic & the most romantic state, Rajasthan lies in the north-western part of India & a state with entirely different visage, the most scenic state of India. It can be said as; it is the cultural capital of India. With its colorful culture and rich history, Rajasthan is a splendid display of a unique Indian heritage. Experiencing Rajasthan culture while being there is a unique feeling that can’t be expressed in words. Get accustomed to its rich culture, soothing music, lavish food and traditions.

Discover Rajasthan’s rich culture and natural splendours on this Motorcycle holiday through its historic cities, remote villages, hills and deserts. Visit majestic forts, opulent palaces and exquisitely carved temples. This Motorcycle Tour not only showcases the traditional architecture characteristic of the region, but also allows you to understand the depth of India’s past, making for an unforgettable experience.

In this classic adventure motorcycle tour to Rajasthan, we discover Rajasthan’s best known and loved destinations include Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur and these are not-to-be-missed destinations on any Rajasthan itinerary. But there is more to Rajasthan than these colorful cities, with alternative destinations such as Bundi & Mandawa being well worth a look for their history & Pushkar is a must for the spiritually curious. As well as meeting people and seeing fabulous landscapes and buildings, stroll markets, these are just some of the experiences you could enjoy on this Motorcycle tour to Rajasthan.

Join us in this stunning Royal Enfield Motorbike trip which will reward you with all the glory Rajasthan has to offer & experience the true essence of Rajasthan.

Grand Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the incredibly colorful state of India, is the land of the Kings. Rajasthan, quite popular among the tourists for historical monuments, dramatic forts, grand palaces, ornate havelis, desert sand dunes, mesmerizing lakes, beautiful hill stations, culture, delicious cuisine, village life, colourful bazaars, teeming forests, wild animals and rare birds, enchanting temples are the jewel of royal state of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan, the true colour of Indian history and culture is a fairytale world: full of cheerfulness and quintessential charm, exotic, exquisite and endlessly intriguing. To experience an off-beat Indian motorbike trip we invite you to book The Grand Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour to explore the most popular as well as off-beat authentic destinations of Rajasthan. We ride Royal Enfield Motorcycle on traditional village & scenic treks with panoramic views everyday on this bike riding trip to Rajasthan.

In this 17 days Royal Enfield Motorcycle Tour to Rajasthan you will explore popular destination such as  Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, Jaipur, Bundi with hidden gem such as Khuri, Jawai, Bhenswara, Bijaipur, Pachewar & you will find yourself lost in the beautiful past of Rajasthan that is reflected in the walls and sculptures of the monuments present in these cities. Rajasthan spells bound as you explore it more & more.

If you have done a Rajasthan Motorcycle tour before and wish to come back and want to experience a unique & different itinerary, then this 17 days The Grand Rajasthan Motorbike tour is highly recommended to you & we guarantee you that this will be an adventure of a lifetime which will remain forever in your motorcycle riding holiday memories.

Incredible Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of India’s most beautiful, culturally and historically significant states. It is one of the best tourists destination in India. The state is well recognized for its tourism on the world map. Beyond its scenic wonders, Rajasthan is bustling with wildlife. Rajasthan is a replica of enchanting topography of its own having a bright desert to rich forests, rugged rocky terrains of the Aravali mountains and the fresh water wetlands offering excellent environmental conditions for the survival and growth of a varied wildlife.

Rajasthan is an exotic destination for wild life. With a plenty of national parks and sanctuaries within the state, Rajasthan gives you more than enough reason to be one of the top choices while considering a Tiger Safari in India. All of the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks boast a huge variety of species – both birds and animals. Rajasthan wildlife tour attracts thousands of nature lover, throughout the year, to come to this place and cherish the wilderness.

A Motorbike Rider with interest in Wildlife and nature will love this combination of riding legendary Royal Enfield Motorcycle & exploring Rajasthan off the beaten track & experience the thrill of spotting tiger in the jungle beneath the ruins of an ancient fort, tracking leopard over rolling hills, crocodile & alligator taking sunbath, many birds & others rare unique species and all pleasing to the eyes. This 14-day Rajasthan Motorbike Holiday Itinerary is indeed the Rajasthan of your dreams to explore the heritage & wild life of Rajasthan with riding Royal Enfield Motorcycle through the scenic & rural trek of Rajasthan. Book Incredible Rajasthan Wild Life Motorcycle Tour to experience one of the world’s classic tourist destinations from the seat of a motorcycle & get a unique experience during your Motorcycle Tour to India.

Himachal Highlights

Himachal Pradesh is an enchanting part of the Indian Himalayas and is often referred to as the magical showcase of nature’s splendors. Rising from the Shivalik ranges & moving higher into the mid-Himalayas, Greater Himalayas & beyond, Himachal Pradesh is a land of grand diversity. This mountainous state is home to the most beautiful hill stations, rivers, valleys, high-altitude mountain passes, glacier lakes, and biodiverse national parks.

A winding topography of interlocking mountain chains makes Himachal a spectacular place to explore by motorbike. To experience off the beaten track of Himachal, we have designed Highlight of Himachal Motorcycle Tour with unique destinations of Himachal to show the mystical beauty of the Indian Himalaya & provide you the very best experiences you can have while exploring the green foothills of the majestic Indian Himalaya. In this Indian Himalaya motorbike trip you riding through green forests and valleys with twisting road & breath-taking mountainous countryside on the legendary Royal Enfield motorbike with the sun reflecting from the white peaks above you is one of life’s greatest enjoyment. Every pass crossing into a new valley brings you into a different culture, with its own deities and language.

There are some journeys in life that imprint memories in your mind for a lifetime and our Himachal Highlight Motorcycle Tour will offer that and far more than you can imagine. This really is as good as it gets! We have designed this bike trip to give every rider a full excitement, adventure and so much fun in Motorcycle Tour to India with us. In our fixed departure tour we accept maximum eight riders only to give the best personal service and access to some of the most interesting areas in the Indian Himalayas with own pace.

In this Motorcycle Tour of Himachal Pradesh, you will experience the pleasures of mountain motor-biking on the Royal Enfield as we take you on an exciting and wondrous journey through some of less travelled sites of Himachal Pradesh such as Nahan, Chail, Naldehra, Tirthan Valley, Bir-Billing, Eco Village with most popular and loved destinations Shimla, Manali  & Dharamsala through the serene landscape which is soothing to the eyes and soul & will make you feel that you are riding motorcycle in heaven. Himachal Pradesh is a heavenly abode that none can forget once visited. While browsing for Motorcycle tour to India, we suggest you book this Himachal motorbike tour with us to explore some of the most exciting scenery & motorcycle trail to explore on Earth & ride some panoramic & challenging roads in the Himachal on Legendary Royal Enfield.



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We really had an incredible time in Incredible India   We had an excellent time in our Tour to Rajasthan and arrived home safely yesterday. Back at work now. Thank you Team LMR for making our trip full of awesome memories. We really had an incredible time in Incredible India. I hope to visit other part of India on Royal Enfield Bike with you guys soon. 

Philip (Canada)

Adventure ride but certainly not last   A big thank you to Bharat and the crew of LMR for putting on a great weekend to explore Sariska National Park & Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary on Royal Enfield. For me & my wife, it was our first Adventure ride but certainly not last. 

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Legendary Moto Rides is the best Motorcycle Tour Operator   Legendary Moto Rides is the best Motorcycle Tour Operator. When we arrived at Delhi Airport, we greeted with fresh flowers garland & Coffee on arrival lounge by their team member. We got latest model of Motorcycle Royal Enfield Bike to ride through the villages of Rajasthan, Thar Desert & Jungle Ride. Hotels selection was matching with EUROPEAN Standard & our road captain Mr. Suraj & mechanic Mr. Prem delivered his best services in the tour. I wish all the very best to LMR Team. 

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Indeed there can’t be better than this   Thanks to Legendary Team from my bottom of Heart for organizing such a memorable Motorbike tour for us in South India. We experienced ride on virgin beaches, ride through tea plantation & stay in House Boat. Indeed there can’t be better than this. 

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